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"At TGR we believe that all celebrations should be beautiful. We want to help create their dreams." - TheGrlsRoom

Hello there, i’m ashley, owner and long time artist behind TheGrlsRoom. My story here began when i wanted to make some crafty cute bridesmaids gifts and decorations for my engagement party and raise money for my big day. I was in a crossroads with my life and i was ready for a change. While creating fun things for my bridesmaids i realized how much joy creating for others gave me. I was always a huge etsy fan - then it clicked - open my own shop where i can do what i love and bring joy to others. This part time thing, to raise money for my wedding, shortly turned into a busy full time business. I do all of my creations solo, i take my time, and put my
heart into everything i do. I am delighted to be able to create for others and do what i am most passionate about. I hope i can be a part of your something special!

"I'm just a girl doing what she loves"! - Ashley